3020 Laguna St in Exitum

January 31, 2012

3020 Laguna St in Exitum

NEW VIEWING HOURS: SATURDAY February 11th,2012 2-7pm

Amir Mortazavi and David Kasprzak are pleased to present the opening of Highlight Gallery’s first project space, 3020 Laguna Street, a collection of sight-specific installations created in a residence in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow District, on Saturday January 28, 2012. Featuring a set of works formed solely from the materials of a residence sharing the same address as the title, the exhibition takes its inspiration from the works of artist Gordan Matta Clark. Matta Clark’s investigations into unused or forgotten residential spaces—calling them “nonsites,” a term he adopted from his mentor Robert Smithson. These liminal spaces included alleyways, median strips, and small portions of commercial and residential architecture. Matta Clark purchased these sites to become the medium of many of his works and as exhibition spaces for projects from his peers.

Working in this tradition, artists Jeremiah Barber, Randy Colosky, Chris Fraser, Christine M. Peterson, Yulia Pinkusevich, Jonathan Runcio, Jesse Schlesinger, Gareth Spor, and Andy Vogt were invited to inhabit a modest residential space built in the 1800s. This site has been home to a number of residents over the last 150 years—fulfilling the dualistic role as both a practical shelter and a symbol of dreams and ideologies, as written about by Roland Barthes. Now slated for demolition due to structural instability, the artists were invited to enter the space, to set entropy in motion with perhaps a more sensitive hand and a “tool belt conceptualism.”

The artists have responded to this specific history of the building through many forms, excavating the literal scars contained within its walls, investigating the history of the site’s residents and the craftsmen who create residential structures, projecting their own histories and identities into the space, and enacting these investigations through the purely cathartic act of destruction. Please join us on Saturday, January 28th, for the opening of the exhibition—or perhaps more accurately, the wake of this site.

Data Mass Projection

“Data Mass Projection” is an installation created out of telephone and data wires found throughout the Laguna Street house. The found wire was taken down and stripped of its grey outer coating to reveal the multi-colored inner strands, that comprise each telephone wire. The installation serves as metaphor for a spectrometer like visualization of digital data and information surrounding us at all times. This data is anchored in and released through a single point of projection, bouncing a wave like form throughout the space, redefining the parameters of the architecture. Color sequencing algorithm is applied to the pattern, which also account for digital noise or moments of interference.


More about the artist curators and project please visit http://3020lagunast.com/


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