MANIFOLD with sound by Paisiz



SIMA Sculptural Seating in use

Located at McMurtry Art & Art History Building,

 Stanford University 

Open to the public 24/7







Under Progress


Under Progress from Yulia Pinkusevich on Vimeo.

Under Progress was made while I was an artist in residence at Recology, the San Francisco dump. While an AIR at Recology I scavenged over 50 computers, audio amplifiers and CD players, and ripped out their circuit boards. Proceeding to then only keep the heat-sinks. (Heatsinks are metal extrusions that dissipate heat in microchips) and due to this function are unique in form. These found heat-sinks were glued together to make small abstract forms. These forms make the shadows you see, resembling buildings and urban landscapes. The piece is housed in a wooden box and has two LED’s that turn on and off, while projecting light through the heat sinks. This casts a large and elaborate shadow of the forms on most surfaces.





POLYSCAPE from Yulia Pinkusevich on Vimeo.

POLYSCAPE is a floating island made out of recycled polypropylene plastic. The installationis a tessellated pattern of pentagons designed in CAD then CNC milled into an aluminum mold and injected with molten polyepropylene pellets. The injection molding process efficiently creates multiples and uses the same manufacturing process applied in industry. Using infrared sensors to feel the presence of people, POLYSCAPE undulates only if humans are present, inviting people to explore and interact with the installation.
POLYSCAPE comments on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex. This floating island of ocean debris is primarily made of plastic and is
estimated to be 100 million tons in mass and twice the size of Texas.

Polyscape is funded in part by Stanford Arts Institute Spark! Grant



Global Utopia of Futures Past


Global Utopia of Futures Past: Wall Drawing from Yulia Pinkusevich on Vimeo.

Wall Drawing and performance created at

Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery

“Heretical Hierarchy” Curated by Xiaoze Xia
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
January 2011


The Great Temple of Fallen Civilization


Directors Cut version from Yulia Pinkusevich on Vimeo.

Wall drawing and performance created at Warehouse 21, Santa Fe, New Mexico 2009 Project by Yulia Pinkusevich. Video time lapse by Kristin ten Broeck.

In this project a large scale drawing is created directly on the wall. The wall is rigged for climbing and artist is suspended with a harness. The performance consists of negotiating the vertical space while drawing an image with charcoal and tape. The action of drawing and climbing leaves marks from the artists body along with marks made intentionally with the hands, leaving a trace of physical struggle that is an inherent part of the drawing and image.


Flower Tower Origami

Flower Tower Origami Fold from Yulia Pinkusevich on Vimeo.

Yulia Pinkusevich set off to create a Flower Tower origami from a 6 x 6 ft piece of paper. This video documents this process. The flower tower has six levels and is the biggest flower tower ever created. Folded in collaboration with Chris Palmer



Million Golden Children