Isorithm Series

2018, Charcoal, ink, pencil and beeswax on paper, 55 x 52 inches each

The Isorithm series of drawings grew out of my research for Double Vision a collaborative project with Andrea Steves and Francois Hughes. The five drawings submitted are based on Cold War military maps that study the impact of nuclear bomb airbursts; showing fatal and non- fatal casualty isorithms over particular types of cities. I was struck by the immense tension between the elegant geometries and rational calculations of these maps juxtaposed against the irrational chaos and mass destruction they represent. I draw on my personal experience of growing up in the USSR at the end of the Cold War and the current political climate now to create charcoal and ink marks made by gestures and physical movements that react to and synthesize the complex relationship between my two home countries. These works attempt to reconcile nuclear war rationalized through a mathematic formula by offering empathetic gestures to representations of war and destruction.