Thresholds: Shadow Self

2015, 33 reclaimed doors, 9 x 12 feet 

Alter Space Gallery, San Francisco, California

A site-specific installation created for the Jail Cell Residency at Alter Space gallery. The 3 month project-based residency takes place in the Alter Space basement, a dungeon-like environment that sits below Howard Street in the SOMA area of San Francisco. The 9′ x 12′ jail cell, located within a 22′ x 25′ room, is the most prominent remnant to be left behind by the BDSM store that previously occupied the building. Pinkusevich has embedded an architecturally scaled structure into the existing space that explores notions of shadow, light, barrier and threshold. Utilizing 33 reclaimed doors that she collected during her time at Recology (San Francisco Dump), this immersive environment aims to evoke personal inquiry and examination, prompting visitors to embark in an act of investigation as they navigate the maze-like arrangement through its series of doors.

Pinkusevich’s Thresholds is inspired by the Jungian philosophy of shadow, that which hides in the subconscious darkness of the human psyche. Even though the shadow exists in the psyche, waiting to reveal itself through human action, it seldom manifests in real life. This installation creates a dialogue with the body that is aimed at prompting a deeper awareness of the journey into one’s self, shining light on dark corners of the psyche while playing with the viewers perceptions of space.