2019, 1600 lbs of Sodium Chloride Bricks, Rain.

Overall: 108 x 72 in.

Installation at San Francisco State University Art Gallery

This site-specific installation was commissioned for and exhibition called Built Environments curated by Kevin B. Chen and Sharon Bliss at San Francisco State University, Fine Arts Gallery in the Spring of 2019. The wall was created out of 1600 lbs of salt bricks and installed outdoors with the help of SFSU students. The salt wall slowly dissolved due to rainfall and eventually collapsed and continued to dissolve further as the rain fall continued, by the end of the exhibit only a trace of a barrier remained.

Art Practical's Kelly Kirkland observed "The gradual decomposition of a wall, a structural symbol for defense, takes on an explicitly political tone against the backdrop of the current political discourse surrounding immigration. Border walls create some of the most hostile built environments that exist; seeing a symbol of isolationism subjected to the daily micro-aggressions of water and wind, viewers are prompted to imagine the processes of dismantling similar structures of detainment and containment on a broader scope." Read More Here